The partnership

FORWARD project will be developed by partners in Catalonia (Spain), Italy, Romania, Austria, Finland and Lithuania.  The partnership comprises the following organisations:

surt Wiic People
Monikanaiset Irea


SurtSURT. Women’s Foundation. Private Foundation- Barcelona, Spain

SURT, Women’s Foundation. Private Foundation was born in 1993. The mission of SURT is to favour equity between women and men in all domains, ie. social, political, economic and, specially, in the labour sphere. And, on the other hand, to support processes of placing women into the labour market, specially those who, due to social, cultural or personal circumstances, find themselves in an exceedingly vulnerable situation.

The Foundation’s task has been recognised as an innovative and transforming project for today’s society, based on each woman’s personal project as well as on studies and research that allow for action measures to be developed. The Foundation also carries out awareness-raising campaigns which target companies, individuals, groups, as well as public and private institutions.

SURT is divided in five areas of work: Inclusion and occupation of women, Community action and interculturality, research and innovation, consultancy and insertion initiatives.

For more information: http://www.surt.org

Women’s issues information centre (WIIC) – Lithuania

The Women’s Issues Information Centre (WIIC) is an NGO, actively promoting gender issues in Lithuania, and one of the best working umbrella women’s NGOs in Lithuania since 1996.

The WIIC established in order to promote and advocate equal rights and opportunities for women and men, to improve women’s position in social and private lives, as well as, to develop gender equality environment and to serve women’s NGOs and individuals by providing information, publications, consultations, trainings for women.
Goals of the Women`s Issues Information Centre:

  • seek equal rights and opportunities for women and men in Lithuania
  • improve women’s position in social and private lives
  • develop gender equality environment

Main streamlines of WIIC activities:

  • Gender mainstreaming
  • Violence against women
  • Trafficking in women
  • Reconciliation of family and carrier
  • Women in business promotion

http://www.lygus.lt/mic (available in EN)- http://www.lygus.lt (available only in LT language)


PEOPLE s.r.l. – Italy

People was born in 2007, it is a counselling company. It deals with the field of active policies of the labour market supporting local authorities and institutions in the creation and the realisation of local development projects. In 2008 it became part of the European net Euroreso, it is also a partner of the net FECBOP (Fédération Européenne des Centres de Bilan et Orientation Professionnelle).

People main activities are:

  • Guidance

  • Business creation

  • Transnational projects

  • Training activities

  • Planning and management of national and transnational projects

  • Training needs analysis

  • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

  • Social research.



Frauenservice Graz: Women’s Service Graz – Women’s counselling center and centre for adult education – Austria


Since 1984 FRAUENSERVICE/ WOMEN’S SERVICE has been working conceptually and practically in the areas of:

  • Consulting

  • Education

  • Projects

  • Research

  • and job market related measures for women.

We focus on the specific needs and demands of women as well as on developing solutions to counter the discrimination women face due to their gender.Working with women, taking a feminist perspective of socio-political concerns provides the basis for the expertise the FRAUENSERVICE/ WOMEN’S SERVICE has in the field of gender politics from a woman’s perspective.FRAUENSERVICE/ WOMEN’S SERVICE is an admitted institution of adult education.
In the fall of 1999 FRAUENSERVICE/ WOMEN’S SERVICE Graz was awarded by the Cultural Department of the Province of Styria for its “lifelong learning” programs declaring it a model of innovative implementation of jobrelated and socio-political adult education

Website: www.frauenservice.at


Monika-Naiset liitto ry  - Finland

Monika – Multicultural Women’s Association in Finland operates as the umbrella organization for several associations for women of ethnic minorities and it was established in 1998. The Association supports efforts to enhance cultural tolerance and promote a safe everyday life for everyone.Main activities:

  • Supporting the well being of migrant women in different forms;
  • Encouraging migrant women to participate actively in social issues and;
  • Providing services and guidance to victims of domestic violence;
  • Actively lobbying decision makers and provide training to social and health professionals.

The Association has an expert role in addressing issues around multiculturalism, ethnic relations, empowerment, social integration as well as violence towards migrant women.

For more information: http://www.monikanaiset.fi


 Romanian Institute for Adult Education IREA – Romania

The Romanian Institute for Adult Education (IREA) was funded in March 2000 out of the initiative of the West University of Timisoara(UVT), of The Social Romanian Institute Banat – Crisana (ISRBC) and of the German Institute for Adult Education (DIE).

IREA was established as a non-profit institution, as a pedagogic research institute in the field of adult and continuing education, aiming to provide scientific and methodological support for all adult education institutions in Romania and to establish the link between the academics and practitioners in adult learning area. Although as an independent research unit, IREA belongs to the the Department of Education Sciences, Faculty of Sociology and Psychology, West University of Timisoara.

The main research directions within IREA are:

  • adult basic education;

  • workplace learning and key competencies;

  • professionalisation of adult educators

  • social inclusion and active citizenship through education.

  • impact of new media on adult learning

  • inter-generational learning and active aging;

  • developing the concept for different support services offered to adult learners – e.g. counselling in adult education;

  • innovative didactics and delivery;

For more information: www.irea.ro